ESD Project Inventory

The RCE Saskatchewan has made significant efforts to identify ESD projects, ESD Researchers, and Schools facilitating ESD Projects operating within the region.  A "project" encompasses a program, project, event, activity, initiative, resource, or something that is relevant to ESD.  This inventory was recently expanded to include ESD Researchers and Schools facilitating ESD projects.  The purpose of this inventory is to support collaboration and partnerships, to spread the word about good work occurring throughout the RCE Saskatchewan region, and to increase awareness about ESD projects.

If you are involved with an ESD Project, or are an ESD Researcher, or linked to a School within which ESD projects are being facilitated, within the RCE Saskatchewan region, and are not currently listed in the database, please use the Research Survey to enter the information about your ESD project or yourself as an  ESD researcher or your School ESD projects.

Please contact the RCE Saskatchewan for more information.


Inventory Results

Some of the results from the ESD Project Inventory have been represented visually (map) ESD Project Inventory Map.  Only four projects from each themed area have been selected to be represented here.  More will be included in time as this was a trial in representation.  Searchable Databases (Excel Spreadsheets) and Data Reports have been created for each themed area and can be accessed by following the above links.

More information regarding other results from this project (including student researcher findings and the technological aspects of this project) will be presented in a detailed academic paper and will be available here once it has been published.

Inventory technology

Specific details about the technology will be included here: Drupal Survey module, data management and report creation specifics, Drupal Nice Maps as well as how the data has been managed since its collection.

Database management
-    standardized formats for the multiple fields (contact person, address, email, website, description)
-    added ‘Not provided’ or ‘n/a’ to blank fields
-    removed extraneous characters (e.g. *&*) added in by survey template (conversion from template to excel file meant some punctuation was replaced with other characters)
-    split ‘contact information’ field into street address, city, postal code, and email address

Report creation
-    removed fields generated by online survey (Serial, SID, Time, IP Address, UserID, Username, and Date of Survey Completion)
-    split database into projects applicable to working groups using ‘autofilter’ in Excel
-    copied and pasted filtered information to individual working group spreadsheets for searchable database reports
-    used ‘mail merge’ function in Word to generate reports from working group spreadsheets and from database of all projects, selecting specific fields to fill in headings (Project Title, Contact (Contact Person, Contact Street Address, City, Postal Code), Phone, Email, Website, Applicable Working Groups (Yes/No beneath each working group), Location of Project, Project Description, Project Timing, Education Component, Research Questions & Opportunities, Published Research)
-    added standard cover sheet to each report with RCE logo and report title
-    printed reports generated from mail merge template using Adobe PDF printer driver


Inventory Organization

The RCE Saskatchewan successfully applied for funding from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment “Go Green” Initiative/"Green Initiative Fund" to hire Student Researchers to conduct the ESD Project Inventory across the RCE Saskatchewan region.  Eight Student Researchers were hired from November of 2007 and worked until December 2008 and two of them continued working into 2009 to manage the data and usefully represent it. Student Researchers were students from any higher education institution and each student researcher took on responsibility for one themed area of the RCE Saskatchewan.  Here is the original call for applications to the Student Researcher positions. 

Meetings were held regularly to support the Student Researchers. 
Following were the meeting dates and links to minutes are provided:

In March of 2008 Student Researcher work plans were finalized.  These documents assisted the students and their TAWGs to be clear about their tasks and directions.

Two conference presentations were created and delivered during this Inventory.  One was for the Conference of the Americas held at the University of Regina in May 2008 (presentation).  The second was for the Spring Into Action event held at the University of Saskatchewan in June of 2009 (presentation).

Two posters were designed during this Inventory.  One was for the Conference of the Americas held at the University of Regina in May 2008 (poster).  The second was for the 4th International RCE Conference held in Montreal in May of 2009 (poster).

In December of 2008 students finished their contracts and submitted final reports sharing information about how they had managed their tasks and what they had achieved.  Special mention was made about any benefits of being involved in this research inventory.

In February 2009 two student researchers were contracted to manage the data working it into searchable databases, visually representing it (see above for the Inventory Results), and to record the processes utilized to make this initiative a success.

More information about how the survey was created, how it was tested and used during the data collection, the data management and representation processes, and other management aspects of the entire project have been described in a detailed academic paper.